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Welcome to Back the Blue Nevada County!

We are a community organization located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California.

Our Mission Statement

We stand together in support of Law Enforcement and all Emergency Responders. We stand against the national push to defund and dismantle police forces. We honor true fallen heroes.

We advocate American Patriotism by fully supporting our Armed Forces, knowing and protecting our rights as legal American citizens, and fighting to ensure that the tenets of the United States Constitution are properly upheld by our city, county, state and federal government officials.


One Nation Under God and United We Stand.
We the People, in God We Trust.

Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His People on Earth!

We are proud to be Americans.
We are Back the Blue Nevada County!

Red, White, Blue and Blessed!

Founded on June 9th, 2020

by Byron Jones and Bethany Denkers of Grass Valley, California.

Back the Blue Nevada County Founders, Bethany Denkers and Byron Jones

Total Events   to Date: 


Announcements & Acknowledgements:

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Our Upcoming   Events:

Byron & Bethie's 2024 Superbowl Extravaganza
Freedom Riders 1776 Business Card
NorCal United Trump Train & Double Overpass with FR1776, BTBNC & United We Stand 369

Additional  Patriot Groups & Organizations   We Support:

Nevada County   Republican Party

To stay updated on the Nevada County Republican Party's Announcements of Recent Candidate Endorsements, Fundraising Events, Upcoming Elections, Volunteering Opportunities, New Voter Registration or Re-Registration, Poll Watching Training, Community Involvement, Scholarships and Internships Available for Students Pursuing a Career in Government, and Details on Their New Headquarters Location, follow this link:


Sierra Thread

Sierra   Thread

Transparent • Uncorrupted • Rigorous • Fearless Journalism

Their Mission:
"The thread that binds us is our principled belief in civil discourse. Our purpose is to promote liberty and strengthen our community by publishing an honest account of topics in the public interest."


Freedom   Coalition

Click here to find local Freedom Coalition meetings in your area:


Wake Up Placer

Wake Up Placer

Click here to find out more about their mission to inform parents and protect children:


Doctor Jones and Nurse Bethie of Doctor Jones Music Services and Founders of Back the Blue Nevada County

Doctor Jones Music Services

Byron (a.k.a. "Doctor Jones") is a professional musician and a phenomenal DJ. Inquire below for information about his wide range of services, his rates and his scheduling availability!

Join us on Tuesdays
 for a riveting episode of Byron's Trivia Live Show on YouTube, broadcast right from our home studio! Tune in at 8pm for friendly, lighthearted competition; stimulating social interaction; thought-provoking trivia; and a killer playlist! Please feel free to share and invite your family and friends, or host your own Trivia Party and play together from home! It's a lot of fun! To partake in our interactive live chat answer stream, you must be logged into your own YouTube account and subscribe to our Doctor Jones Music Services Channel.

Doctor Jones and Nurse Bethie
(530) 557-0871
New Website Coming Soon!

Doctor Jones Music Services Logo
Trivia Tuesday Live on YouTube with Doctor Jones and Nurse Bethie
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